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Webinars Compared to Home Study and Live Seminars

By Ken Ralph, 08/26/2019 - 14:04

Thinking about registering for a Webinar compared to completing a home study program or attending a live presentation in Lancaster?  Here are some things to keep in mind:

Our Webinars are similar to our Streaming Video and DVD home study programs.  All our home study programs were developed from the recordings of our live Webinars. 

You view our Webinars in real time as they are being presented.  You can ask questions of the speakers and have them respond while you are watching.  We track your viewing of the Webinar, so there is no posttest to receive CE credit.  Most states and professions treat the CE you receive from our Webinars as in-person.

On your computer or mobile device, you see the speaker and PowerPoint on a split screen.  We switch to audience members when they ask questions.  We provide the speaker’s handouts as a pdf file for you to print or refer to.

Our Webinars work on any computer or device with high speed internet.  We email you a unique link to the Webinar website that gets you in.  Technical support is available if you have problems.

The biggest advantage of our home study programs is your ability to view them whenever you want.  For example, you could break up your viewing of the program over several days.  You can view the program as many times as you like.  For example, if there was something you did not understand, you could back up the Streaming Video or DVD to review that section.

To verify that you completed the home study program, you must pass a posttest to receive CE credit.  A hard copy of this posttest comes with DVD or CD purchases, or is available as a pdf file with Streaming Video or Mp3 Download formats.  You can email, fax, snail mail or take posttests online from our website.

A hard copy of the handouts comes with the DVD or CD home study programs.  You get the handouts as a pdf file for Streaming Video and Mp3 Download formats.

A third option to Webinars and home study programs is to attend the presentation live at the newly renovated Wyndham Resort in Lancaster, PA.  Attending live has a whole different feel than either the Webinar or home study CE. 

Attending in Lancaster gets you away from your work setting.  Many find it easier to focus on the presentation when attending live.  When you are in the presentation room, you get to engage with other participants.  Many attendees reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  You also have the opportunity to talk to the speaker one-on-one during breaks.

We have the speaker’s books available for purchase at a discount.  They are always happy to sign them.

We provide a substantial continental breakfast, breaks, trail mix, and candy.  Like the Webinar option, there is no posttest.

Of course, attending in Lancaster entails travel expenses.  We negotiate reduced rates at the Wyndham if you need to stay over.  The 4-star Wyndham has an indoor pool (and an outdoor pool by next summer), fitness room, an 18-hole golf course, walking paths, etc.  The Wyndham is located between two large outlet malls and near numerous places to eat.

So, you have many formats for fulfilling your CE requirements and learning.  I hope this blog helps you decide which best fits your needs and situation.