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NJ SW Board Approved Courses

The following programs have been approved for New Jersey Social Workers. These programs must be completed by the expiration date to receive NJ SW approved CE credit.

Since J&K Seminars is an approved Association of Social Worker Boards ACE CE provider, unless otherwise noted, all other J&K Seminars home study programs qualify for CE credit in most other states.

Model Program Title Speaker ASWB Number ASWB Date ASWB text Model
A0521 Treating Fear & Anxiety: Problem-Specific Approaches Martin M. Antony, Ph.D., ABPP 3837 03/04/2022 to 03/04/2024 13.5 Clinical
B0820 The Power of Mindsets: Strategies to Nurture Resilience in Patients of All Ages and in Ourselves Robert Brooks, Ph.D. 4055 08/19/2022 to 08/19/2024 6 Clinical
D0221 Smart but Scattered: Enhancing Executive Skills to Promote School Success Peg Dawson, Ed.D. 3429 05/07/2021 to 01/11/2023 6.25 Clinical
K1020E Ethics, Emotions, and Values: Why We Don’t Always Follow the Rules Linda Knauss Ph.D., ABPP 3546 05/05/2021 to 10/27/2023 3 Ethics
K1020S Assessing Suicide Potential in Adolescents and Adults Linda Knauss Ph.D., ABPP 3547 05/05/2021 to 05/05/2023 1 Clinical
K1021E Ethical Practice with Diverse Clients Linda Knauss Ph.D., ABPP 3758 08/01/2022 to 08/27/2023 3 Ethics
K1021S Therapist Responsibilities In Assessing and Managing Suicidality Linda Knauss Ph.D., ABPP 3758 08/01/2022 to 08/27/2023 1 Clinical
L0222 Helping Anxious Families: Concrete Strategies for Children, Teens, and Their Parents Lynn Lyons, LICSW 4434 01/12/2023 to 01/12/2025 6.25 Clinical
M0721 Bipolar Disorder: A Psychosocial Approach to Treatment David J. Miklowitz, Ph.D. 3712 08/01/2021 to 07/28/2023 12 Clinical
N0321 Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction: A Trauma-Informed Approach Robert Neimeyer, Ph.D. 3714 07/28/2021 to 07/28/2023 5.75 Clinical
R0820 Therapeutic Response to Traumatic Loss in the COVID-19 Pandemic Short- and Long-Term Challenges Therese A. Rando, Ph.D., BCETS, BCBT 4054 08/19/2022 to 08/19/2024 6 Clinical
S0322 Resilience Across Diagnoses and Through the Lifespan Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D. 4437 01/04/2023 to 01/04/2025 6.5 Clinical
S0420 Unleashing the Power of DBT Charles Swenson, MD 4053 08/19/2022 to 08/19/2024 11.75 Clinical
S0422 Practical Strategies for Complex PTSD Arielle Schwartz, Ph.D., CCTP-II 4438 01/04/2023 to 01/04/2025 6.0 Clinical
S0921 Integrating Mindfulness, Compassion, and Forgiveness Practices into Psychotherapy Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D. 3740 08/31/2022 to 08/23/2023 11.5 Clinical
S1121 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Best Practices for Assessment and Interventions Celine A. Saulnier, Ph.D. 3760 08/31/2022 to 08/27/2023 11.5 Clinical
Z0221 Motivational Interviewing :Enabling Therapeutic Change Allan Zuckoff, Ph.D. 3713 07/28/2021 to 07/28/2023 6.25 Clinical
Z0322 Ethics, Boundaries and Standard of Care: Considerations in the Digital Age and in Tele-Mental Health Ofer Zur, Ph.D. 4435 01/12/2023 to 01/12/2025 3 Ethics