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Crucial Factors When Choosing Your Ideal Continuing Education (CE) Program


What would be your criteria for creating Continuing Education (CE) programs? Here’s what I have come up with:

The program would satisfy my professional CE requirements.

That’s why J&K gets approval to offer CE for social workers, psychologists, counselors, educators, nurses, and lots of other human service providers.  We never charge extra for providing CE certificates.


The program would maintain my interest, provide information I can use, and inspire me.

 That’s why we arrange for nationally known experts to present our Seminars/Webinars.  They have cutting edge knowledge on their topic and excellent reviews from their past presentations.


Being cared for and comfortable at the program so I come back rested and refreshed.

That’s why we have full continental breakfast, breaks that include coffee & refreshments, classroom seating with tables so you have a place to put your stuff and write notes, give you a legal pad and pen, and have complimentary hand lotion, cough drops, and other sundries available.  


Have low seminar and hotel fees.

That’s why we keep our registration fees significantly lower than PESI and other competitors.  The Wyndham offers our customers discounted room fees far below what most city hotels charge.   There are also nearby hotels with even lower rates.   You can avoid all travel costs by attending via Webinar.Of course, there are other elements that make for an ideal CE experience, including:

Of course, there are other elements that make for an ideal CE experience, including:

  1. Having a comprehensive brochure so you can make an informed decision
  2. Having an easy registration process
  3. Having real people handle your questions and concerns

To me, it comes down to knowing we care about you, not just the bottom line.  We are a family business and we strive to treat all our customers like family.  This has been our philosophy since Judi & I organized our first seminar in 1990.  
I’d love to get your feedback about my ideal CE criteria.  Please email me at ken@jkseminars.com