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Dr. Donald Meichenbaum Legacy Training Programs - 2 Courses

By Ken Ralph, 01/03/2024 - 14:28

Welcome to my Essence of Psychotherapy LEGACY Program!

Research indicates that 25% of psychotherapists obtain 50% better treatment outcomes and they have 50% fewer dropouts from therapy, as compared to their colleagues.

As a culmination of my 50 years of experience in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, research and development of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I have collated this exerperience into this, my LEGACY COURSE. 

The aim of this program is to increase the likelihood that you will further develop your level of expertise and to become part of this elite group of 25% of psychotherapists who get better outcomes with their patients.  A second aim of my program is to challenge you to consider what are the trans-theoretical behavior change principles that are common across various psychotherapeutic approaches and how to implement the Core Tasks of Psychotherapy. Along the way, you will learn how to spot Hype in the field of psychotherapy and become a more critical consumer of psychotherapies.

This program is delivered in 2 Courses:

  • Course 1 - Getting Better Results:  The Core Tasks and Skills of Expert Therapists (10 CEUs)
  • Course 2 – Treating Specific Disorders and the Value of Strengths-based Narrative Treatment Approaches (10 CEUs)

Structure and accreditation:  These courses can be taken seperately or as a complete program, and each contain 10 separate Modules and are accredited to provide 20 CEUs combined (this is 10 CEUs per Course).

Deliberate Practice:  This is not just a ‘watch and forget’ program, rather challenges you with practical To Do tasks in each Module for you to engage in Deliberate Practice and to immediately employ with your patients as you develop your expertise.

Cost:  Each Course in the program costs $150 and all the proceeds will go directly to the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment, for whom I have been Research Director for more than 28 years.  (see also https://melissainstitute.org/ for more information.)

Registration Links

Course 1: https://jkseminars.com/homestudy/getting-better-result-core-tasks-and-skills-expert-psychotherapists

Course 2:  https://jkseminars.com/homestudy/treating-patients-specific-clinical-disorders-strengths-based-constructive-narrative

Thank you for your interest in my LEGACY course,