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Frequently Asked Questions - Live Webinars

Live webinars are the internet webcast of our J&K Seminars as they are being presented.  You see and hear the seminar in real time.  You see and hear the presenter and any PowerPoint slides or videos being projected to the audience.  You can also open the handouts and submit questions from the same webinar webpage.

A week before the webinar, we email you a pdf file of the handouts to print and use to follow along with the presentation.  This same pdf file will also be available for you to download, view, & print on the webinar webpage.

The webinar has a chat feature for you to type in your questions or comments.  We will read your questions and comments for the speaker.  For example, we might say, “we have a question from an attendee who asks…”   You will be able to hear the response to your question as part of the webinar.  
Due to the large number of questions we receive during a webinar, not all questions will be addressed during the program.  The presenter contact information is included on the handout cover to email questions.

Our live webinars work on any computer, tablet, or smart phone with high speed internet or good wireless connection.  No software download is required.  All you need is a web-enabled computer with speakers. 

Yes!  Email us (jk@jkseminars.com) and we will reply with a link to a sample webinar page.

You can call J&K Seminars office staff at 800-801-5415 before and during the webinar for any technical support.

Many states limit the number of home study hours you can apply toward your relicensure or recertification.  Stated another way, you may need some in-person CE hours.

Find the CE requirements for your state and profession by using our Find Your State's CE Requirements CE search wizard on our home page.  Professionals should check with their state boards to verify their CE requirements.

Live webinar attendance is accepted by most states and for most professions as in-person CE. The accreditation bodies require that you are able to participate as if you were present.  Our live webinars qualify because you are seeing and hearing the presentation in real time and you can communicate with the presenter in real time.

The following states require some in-person CE and accept live webinars for all mental health professions:  Alaska, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky (not ethics), Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, N. Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, S. Carolina, Texas, Wyoming.

The following states require some in-person CE and accept live webinars for the professions specified:   Alabama (counselors) Maryland (psychologists, social workers), Oklahoma (counselors) Nevada (all but psychologists), Rhode Island (counselors), Tennessee (social Workers), West Virginia (counselors)

J&K Seminars monitors when you are logged on to the live Webinar.  We check these logs to verify your full attendance and that you completed our online Feedback Survey/Evaluation. 

Within a couple of days we complete our verification process and email and mail you your certificate.


After we receive your attendance from the attendance logs and receive your completed Feedback survey/Evaluation, we email and mail your CE certificate.  This certificate will verify that the webinar was live and interactive so that it qualifies for in-person CE credit. You will receive a certificate by email within a week of the event. You should receive your certificate by mail within a week of the live event.

On the seminar webpage, click the down arrow of Attendance Type and choose Online Webinar…. Or call J&K Seminars 800-801-5415

Email jk@jkseminars.com  or call 800-801-5415