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Wed, 02/13/2019 - 23:09 - Jason Ralph

Live webinars are the internet webcast of our J&K Seminars as they are being presented.  You see and hear the seminar in real time.  You see and hear the presenter and any PowerPoint slides or videos being projected to the audience.  You can also open the handouts and submit questions from the same webinar webpage.

Our Live Interactive Webinars are hosted as Zoom Webinars. Unlike Zoom Meetings, if you have a camera and mike, they will both be muted. You will be able to see and hear the speaker and see the PowerPoint presentation. We will have Zoom email you links for you to access the Webinar using any computer, tablet, or smart phone that has audio capabilities.
There is no need to have a Zoom account. You do NOT need a video camera or microphone. We will email you the handout as a pdf attachment. You will have the ability to text questions to the speaker and respond to yes and no questions and Poll questions from the speaker during the Webinar (in real time). The speaker will be responding to texted questions during the presentation. There is no posttest for live interactive Webinars. At the end of the program, we will send you a link to respond to our online Evaluation/Feedback form.
We will email and mail your certificate within a week of the Webinar. It takes us a few days to verify your attendance and the completion of your Feedback form. Credit is not offered to live webinar participants watching in groups. Attendees must register and login individually to receive credit.