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Act 31 Mandated Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting 2019

2.75 CE Hours Available

This training fulfills the requirements for mental health professionals to obtain 2-3 hours of PA. Dept. of Human Services (DHS) and professional board-approved Continuing Education on current Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting.

All orders include the entire presentation with handouts and a CE test.
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  • Differences between child protective services and general protective services
  • Relevant definitions including: child, perpetrator, acts or failures to act, categories of child abuse, and exclusions to child abuse
  • Provisions and responsibilities for reporting suspected child abuse
  • Indicators for the recognition of child abuse


Description of Child Welfare in PA

Child Protective Services (CPS)

General Protective Services (GPS)

  • Description/differentiation of the two types
  • Criteria for a report being CPS or GPS
  • Principles for managing the therapist-client relationship

Descriptions that Must be Covered

  • Components of Child Abuse
  • All Categories of Child Abuse
  • Exclusions of Child Abuse

Provisions and Responsibilities for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

  • Permissive Reporters
  • Mandated Reporters
  • Reporting Process
  • Protections for Reporters
  • Penalties for Failure to Report
  • Mandated Reporters Right-to-Know
  • Recognition/Indicators of Child Abuse