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ADHD Cutting Edge Understanding & Management

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Dr. Barkley will provide detailed, current information on the nature, diagnosis, and causes of ADHD in children, teens, and adults. He will also present a comprehensive theory of ADHD that provides a more in-depth view of the disorder. This includes new and improved guidelines for the clinical management of ADHD.

Comorbid disorders exist in most ADHD cases and are increasingly important in treatment planning. New studies have appeared on the life course of children with ADHD and their adult outcomes. Dr. Barkley will discuss advances in our scientific knowledge of ADHD and their exciting implications for optimizing effective treatment for children and teens. He will also address the nature and management of ADHD as it presents in self-referred adults.

Dr. Barkley will also discuss the science-based treatments available for ADHD, including: treatment modifications related to comorbidity, treatment of life-course impairments evident in follow-up research, home and school behavioral management methods, and medications used for the disorder.

Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers



Participants will be able to describe:

  • The nature of ADHD, clinically useful subtypes, and the diagnostic criteria and its adjustment for special populations
  • The causes of ADHD and their implications for management of the disorder
  • The developmental course of ADHD, the comorbid disorder with which it is associated, the impairments it may produce in various major life activities, and their implications for treatment planning
  • The common comorbid disorders seen with childhood and adult ADHD and how they impact treatment planning
  • A new theoretical framework from which to understand ADHD as a developmental disorder of self-regulation, providing tremendous insight into the nature of the disorder and treatment planning.
  • The nature of ADHD in self-referred adults diagnosed in adulthood, their comorbid disorders, and impairments in major life activities.
  • How to assess ADHD in children and adults
  • The science-based approaches to the management of ADHD in children & adults: parent counseling, parent training, classroom management, adult treatment & workplace accommodations, and recommended medications for children & adults.


Advances in Nature, Diagnosis and Causes

Life Courses

  • Impairments
  • Treatment Implications

Optimizing Treatment

  • The impact of comorbidity
  • Self-Report Questionnaires

A Theory of ADHD

  • A Disorder of Executive Functioning and Self-Control
  • Implications of Management

ADHD Assessment in Children and Teens

  • Issues and Methods

ADHD in Clinic-Referred Adults

  • Nature, Diagnosis and Impairments

Proven and Unproven Treatments

  • Counseling of Parents
  • Home Behavior Management Training
  • Counseling Adults with ADHD

School Management of ADHD

  • Basic Considerations
  • Management Methods/li>
  • Tips for Teens

ADHD Medication Management

  • Children
  • Adults