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Angry & Challenging Youth: Nurturing Motivation, Self-Discipline & Resilience

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Youth who display anger, resistance, and disruptive behaviors pose significant challenges for clinicians, educators, and parents. In this two-day seminar, Dr. Brooks will examine these negative behaviors using a strength-based framework that focuses on the concepts of mindsets, motivation, and resilience.

He will describe (a) the mindset of adults who work effectively with angry youth, (b) the mindset of many angry youth, and (c) the mindset of youth who are more cooperative, self-disciplined, hopeful, and resilient. He will discuss the components of motivation and a ìresilient mindsetî and strategies for nurturing these qualities in angry youth. He will also highlight a framework to help us deal more successfully with our own stress and pressure.

Participants will learn approaches and interventions that are highly effective in working with angry and difficult youth in a variety of settings, including outpatient therapy, schools, homes, inpatient, and residential programs. Dr. Brooks will use many case examples to describe his concepts and interventions.


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers


Participants will be able to describe:

  • The concept of ìmindsetsî and its importance in our work with angry youth
  • The mindset of adults who are effective in working with angry youth
  • The importance of empathy in understanding and responding to angry and difficult youth
  • Exercises to promote empathy
  • Two key frameworks for understanding and reinforcing the components of intrinsic motivation
  • The mindset of many angry youth
  • How the components of this mindset can serve as guideposts for developing specific strategies to reinforce cooperation, responsibility, and hope
  • A framework for strengthening our own ìstress hardinessî so that we can be more effective and creative in working with challenging youth



Key Concepts

  • Mindsets
  • Resilience


  • Inner City Boston
  • Locked Inpatient School
  • A Personal Loss

Key Questions

  • Mindsets of Adults, Angry Youth, Resilient Youth

Positive Adult Mindset

  • Resilience is Possible
  • Importance of a ìCharismatic Adultî
  • Inborn Wish for Mastery
  • Addressing ìAvoidance Motivationî
  • When to Change sSrategies
  • Empathy

Negative Mindset of Angry Youth

  • Stories of Angry Youth
  • Beliefs and Feelings of Angry Youth

Frameworks for Identifying Intrinsic Motivation

  • Attribution Theory
  • Deciís Focus

Interventions to Reinforce ìResilient Mindsetî

More Interventions

Developing ìStress Hardinessî

  • Disillusionment and Burnout
  • Commitment, Challenge & Personal Control
  • Promoting Satisfaction & Happiness