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Assessment & Interventions for Executive Function Difficulties

12.50 CE Hours Available

This presentation will help participants gain a deeper understanding of executive functions and how executive functions deficits impact the behavior and academic production of children and adolescents.  Participants will gain state-of-the-art knowledge of the most effective ways to help children and adolescents improve their use of executive functions. 

All orders include the entire presentation with handouts and a CE test.
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Objectives—Participants will be able to describe:

· A comprehensive model of executive control.
·The difference between executive functions and executive skills.
·How executive functions and skills operate differently at different levels of executive control.
·Ways to assess executive functions and executive skills.
·The executive control intervention continuum.
·Appropriate evidence-based interventions that improve executive control.
 Sources of information about interventions that address executive control difficulties.


Introduction - Intervention Mindset

  • What are Executive Functions (EF)?
  • Holarchical Model of Executive Control
  • Executive Functions and Executive Skills = Executive Control (EF + ES = EC)
  • Development of EFs Part 1

Sleep Inertia and Self-Activation

  • Executive Control and Automaticity Part 1
  • Executive Function Assessment Part 1
  • Executive Function and Intelligence
  • 504 Accommodations and Treatment Plans: Who’s brain is changing

Executive Function Intervention Continuum

  • Orienting Phase
  • External Control Methods
  • Bridging Strategies 

Executive Function Intervention Continuum

  • Bridging Strategies (continued)
  • Internal Self-Control Strategies
  • Case Example: Zach

Executive control in Reading, Writing and Quantifying

  • Automaticity Part 2
  • Learning Difficulties (LD) vs Producing Difficulties (PD)
  • LD vs PD Case Examples

LD vs PD Case Examples (continued)

Intervention Mindset and Change

  • Case Example: Jake
  • Executive Function Development Part 2
  • Case Example: Carter
  • Executive Function and Clinical Diagnoses

Executive Function Assessment Part 2

  • Case Example: Martin
  • Review of Programs that Improve EF/ES (Time Permitting)