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Attachment in Psychotherapy

David J. Wallin, Ph.D.

12.0 CE Hours Available

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participants will be able to:
  • Use the attachment relationship as a crucible of therapeutic change
  • Shape interventions to fit patients? attachment needs
  • Recognize and work with the collusions and collisions that arise where the attachment patterns of therapist and patient intersect
  • Turn these potential obstacles into opportunities for growth and healing
  • Work with the body to reach and regulate patients? emotions
  • Use evocations, enactments, and embodiments to access and integrate dissociated experience
  • Cultivate mindfulness and ?mentalizing:? the double helix of psychological liberation.
  • Topics

    How Attachment Relationships Shape the Self
    • In Childhood
    • In Psychotherapy
    The Patient?s Attachment Patterns and The Therapist?s Interventions
    • The Impact of the Therapist?s Attachment Patterns
    • The Dismissing Patient: From Isolation to Intimacy
    • The Preoccupied Patient: Making Room for a Mind of One?s Own
    • The Unresolved Patient: Healing the Wounds of Trauma and Loss
    Accessing Nonverbal Experience and the Domain of the Dissociated
    • Working with Evocations, Enactments, and the Body
    Upgrading the Stance Toward Experience
    • Embeddedness: When Feelings are Facts, When ?Pretend? is ?Real?
    • Mentalizing: Reflecting on Mental States
    • Mindfulness: The Present Moment and the Awareness of Awareness
    Why Focus on the Therapist?
    • The Myth of the ?All Good? Therapist
    • The Therapist?s Attachment History as Resistance and Resource
    • Trauma and the Therapist
    The Attachment Patterns of Therapist and Patient Interact
    • Mismatches, Collusions, Collisions
    Identifying the Therapist?s Attachment Patterns 8) Mindfulness in Action