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Brain Change Therapy For Overcoming Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

11.00 CE Hours Available

Neural pathways develop when patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors develop over time. These automatic patterns become the bases for client dysfunction and distress. Brain Change Therapy enables clients to achieve their desired mental health goals by helping them understand, attend to, and modify their brain states. This training focuses on the latest cutting edge neuroscience discoveries therapists can easily use for powerful interventions. The presenters will show participants how to create positive learning experiences that influence the neural structures that keep problems activated. These interventions help with client self-regulation, shifting charged memories into calmer ones, and moving beyond problems to living in states of thriving for longer periods of time. Participants will leave the workshop with new tools they can use immediately.


J&K Seminars does not provide NBCC credit for this program.

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Participants will be able to describe:

  • How to turn off fear and anxiety circuits
  • Five new strategies for healing trauma, anxiety, and depression
  • The brain’s organizing principle
  • The Theta Healing System for problem resolution and resource activation
  • The subtle signs of the flight-fight-or-freeze reaction
  • The flow state to turn off worry, anxiety, and depression


Neuroscience of Anxiety and Stress

  • Life Shocks— Activate the Empowered State—The Brain’s Organizing Principle— Mind States and their Brain Frequencies Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System Negativity Bias of the Brain Client Systems and Models of Reality Interventions for Stress and Anxiety

Attention: How the Mind/Brain Creates Suffering

  • Neural Imprints and Assessment
  • 7 Emotional Brain Circuits Involved in Positive & Negative States
  • NeuroRepatterning

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Principles in Psychotherapy Interventions

  • Neural Conversations for Unconscious Resource Activation
  • Re-Engineering Limiting Beliefs and Frames
  • Neuroscience of Trauma
  • The Inability to Modulate Arousal
  • Broca’s Area and Speech
  • SNS Activation and Levels of Arousal
  • Extinguish Charge in Trauma Protocol
  • Theta Healing System

Neuroscience of Depression

  • Models of Depression
  • Patterns of Attention in Depression
  • Frames, Assumptions, Thoughts, Contexts, Implications and Conclusions Your Client Must Make to Sustain the Problem

Changing Depressive Neural Pathways

  • Rumination and Worry in Depressed Brains
  • Novel Interventions Activate Depressed Brains
  • Turning On Curiosity and Humor
  • How to Deal with Eeyore
  • Movement, Exercise, and Nutrition

Super Mind: The Optimal Self

  • What Makes You Come Alive?
  • The Neuro-Flow State and Neuroscience
  • Amplify Your Motivation by Enhancing Neuro
  • Chemicals to Regulate Moods
  • Triggers for Flow

Changing Brain Flow

  • Training in Flow
  • Technology Assistance
  • Contagious States
  • Tetralemma: Hold Two Contradictory Ideas in Mind until Something New Emerges
  • Pathways to Flow
  • Plateaus to Flow
  • Exercises