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Burn Out Prevention: Ethical and Risk Management Issues for Clinicians

12.0 CE Hours Available

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This seminar addresses burn-out prevention and strategies for maintaining enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism. Dr. Treadway helps registrants evaluate their current practice and learn new ways of effectively enhancing and renewing their professional lives.

The seminar also focus on the impact of professional life on personal life and vice-versa. It explores our own

spiritual and healing journeys in relationship to our work and our personal experience. It also discusses the nature of therapy and the life of being a therapist, and how best to maintain a balanced, ethical, and satisfying professional life.


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers


Understanding Burn-Out

  • The nature of therapy?the inherent risks and stresses
  • Causes of burn-out in professional and personal life

Self-Assessment Tools

  • Evaluating your risk for burn-out
  • Your methods for maintaining professional well-being

Professional and Personal Lives

  • How being therapists can stimulate personal development
  • How being therapists can stunt our personal development
  • The overlap of our respective caretaking roles

Therapist Use of Self

  • Transference?Boundaries
  • Creative uses of self-disclosure
  • Ethical practices

Intimacy of Therapy

  • Source of healing and risk
  • Erotic transference and boundary violations
  • Discussion of assigned story

Pathways to Spiritual Centeredness

  • Therapeutic uses of spirituality?For our clients and ourselves

Therapist Survival Kit

  • Developing one?s own self-care program
  • In one?s practice and life at home
  • 7 step approach

Enhance Authenticity and Joy

  • How to enrich your professional & personal life
  • How to follow through with life changes