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Emotionally Focused Therapy: Love as an Attachment Bond

Sue Johnson, Ed.D.

12.0 CE Hours Available

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To increase participantsí ability to:

  • See the dance of love clearly, understand the music of the dance and move couples into effective loving interdependence
  • Understand the defining moments in the drama of relationships and how to systematically move couples from destructive hostile interactions into safe, empowering emotional connection
  • Understand a clear theory of adult love and the tenets of attachment theory
  • Understand how key emotions and events are linked to the tenets of attachment theory
  • Focus interventions on the key elements of distress and to deescalate toxic interaction patterns between couples
  • Structure positive interactions that renew trust and intimacy, and that create antidote dialogues to heal injuries and relationship traumas
  • Use EFT interventions with depressed, anxious, and traumatized couples


The Need for a Theory of Love

  • Couple therapy ñ the New Era
Introduction to EFT
  • Basic content
  • The story of attachment theory
  • The basic ideas of attachment
  • Clinical examples
The Steps and Stages of EFT
  • The 3 Stages
  • The 9 Steps
Video Viewing and Exercises

EFT Interventions
  • Overview
  • Change events
  • Application to different populations
Video Viewing and Exercises

EFT and Trauma
  • EFT and Forgiveness
  • Working with depressed and traumatized couples
  • Working with different culture couples
Video Viewing and Exercises