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Ethical & Risk Management Issues Related to Child Abuse Reporting

Debra Wolfe, M.Ed.

3.0 CE Hours Available

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Participants will be able to describe:

  • Specific ethical challenges faced by Mandated Reporters of child abuse
  • How child abuse reporting laws impact the rights of parents to raise their children
  • The role of poverty on child maltreatment and risk of being reported
  • How the U.S. system of child protection differs from elsewhere in the world and varies from state to state


Ethical Considerations in Child Abuse Reporting

  • Evolution of child abuse reporting laws
  • What should be the role of society in protecting children?
  • How do you draw the line: What is and isn’t child abuse

Professional Dilemmas and Legal Issues Faced by Mandated Reporters

  • Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Clergy

Rights of Parents vs. Rights of Children

  • Discipline
  • Medical Treatment
  • Education

Socioeconomic Factors

  • Correlation between poverty and child maltreatment
  • Implications for intervention
  • Influences of poverty in reporting of child abuse

Where You Live Does Matter

  • Our state system of child protection
  • The U.S. approach to child protection: Are we leaders or are we missing the boat?

Values vs. the Law

  • Meeting the basic needs of children vs. providing them with the best opportunities for the future: How good is good enough?