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Grief Therapy: A Meaning Reconstruction Approach

12.0 CE Hours Available

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Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers


To increase participantsí ability to:

  • Chart pathways through grief that lead to both resilience and complication
  • Describe the role of self narratives in promoting adaptation to life transitions
  • Identify signs of traumatic disruption in the meaning system of a client
  • Select appropriate narrative strategies for facilitating adaptation to grief
  • Make use of metaphoric listening in grasping the personal meanings of loss
  • Summarize five general propositions of the meaning reconstruction model
  • Use the outline of a meaning reconstruction interview for facilitating adaptation to loss
  • Identify therapeutic strategies compatible with a meaningmaking framework.


Loss, Grief, and the Disruption of Meaning

Trajectories through Bereavement

  • Chronic Grief and Depression
  • Recovery and Resilience

Self Narratives and their Disruptions

  • Human Beings as Meaning-Makers
  • Narrative Disruption and the Chapters of our Lives

The Biology of Bereavement

  • Symptoms of Separation
  • Neurophysiology and the Lessons of Loss

Traumatic Loss: Conceptualization and Diagnosis

  • Complicated Bereavement and the Assault on Meaning
  • Diagnosing Complicated Grief

Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction

Loss and the Reconstruction of Meaning

  • Assumptive Worlds and Continuing Bonds
  • Constructive Coping and Post-Traumatic Growth

Re-Authoring Life Narratives: Therapeutic Strategies

  • Loss Characterizations and the Life Imprint
  • Analogical Listening and Personal Ritual

Process Interventions in Grief Therapy

  • Articulating, Symbolizing, and Renegotiating Meanings of Loss
  • Discursive Strategies for Therapeutic Change

The Meaning Reconstruction Interview

  • Entry and Experiencing Questions
  • Explanation and Elaboration Questions