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Interventions for Complicated Mourning Created By Sudden Death

6.00 CE Hours Available

This program will identify the psychological dynamics in contending with the sudden death of a loved one, which naturally predispose the survivor to complicated mourning for varying periods of time. We will examine, among other things, the phenomenon of sudden death bereavement and why research demonstrates that it causes higher prevalence of PTSD than any other event; creates traumatic bereavement; triggers mental health issues in adults with no history of psychiatric conditions; and has a different and slower trajectory of recovery. In treatment, more than mere grief facilitation is required. Dr. Rando will provide therapists cutting-edge information and practical strategies for dealing with the volatile mixture of trauma and loss that presents after sudden death.

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Participants will be able to:  

  • Describe the four types of sudden death and their treatment implications
  • Describe why a sudden death is always a traumatic death
  • Describe how mourners discuss complicated mourning
  • Identify the trauma and loss challenges posed to the mourner that complicate mourning after sudden death bereavement
  • Identify the high-risk elements associated with sudden death that present extra problems
  • List effective strategies for intervention after sudden death loss


Sudden Death Is Complicated

  • Four types of sudden death and their treatment implications
  • A sudden death is always a traumatic death
  • Research and clinical findings regarding sudden death

Underlying Concepts Related to Loss in Sudden Death Bereavement

  • Types of loss
  • 6 “R” Processes of mourning
  • Complicated mourning

Underlying Concepts Related to Trauma in Sudden Death Bereavement

  • Trauma and traumatic stress
  • Traumatic bereavement
  • The “triad of troubles” in traumatic bereavement

Complicating Impacts and Elements Associated with Sudden Death Bereavement

  • Five impacts of sudden death challenges
  • High-risk elements associated with sudden deaths
  • Selected clinical challenges of different sudden deaths
  • Sudden death bereavement over time

12 Strategies for Intervention After Sudden Death Bereavement