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It's All Your Fault: Mastering Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy

11.00 CE Hours Available

In this course, Dr. Burns will show how you can use CIT to treat clients with a wide range of relationship conflicts.


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit for social workers

J&K Seminars does not provide NBCC credit for this program.



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Participants will be able to describe:

  • The differences between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy (CIT)
  • How to deal with individuals who resist intimacy, sabotage therapy, and blame others for their problems
  • How to track therapeutic progress and monitor the quality of the therapeutic alliance at every session
  • How to resolve your own relationship problems--with patients, colleagues, or family members
  • How to help individuals or couples with troubled relationships


Basic Principles

  • What's Wrong with Current Treatments for Relationship Problems?
  • The Dark Side of Human Nature - Do We Secretly Love to Hate?
  • Cognitive Interpersonal Therapy (CIT)

Setting up the Intervention

  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Decision-Making
  • The Price of Intimacy

Treatment Methods

  • The Relationship Journal
  • The EAR Checklist: Good versus Bad Communication
  • Who's Really Causing the Problem?
  • The Five Secrets of Effective Communication

Live Demonstration—Healing Yourself

Resistance Revisited—12 Good Reasons

  • Not to Listen
  • Not to Express Your Feelings
  • Not to Treat the Other Person with Respect
  • The Interpersonal Downward Arrow - Psychoanalysis at Warp Speed

Making Therapists and Clients Accountable

  • How to Track Therapeutic Progress and Monitor the Therapeutic Alliance

Helping Troubled Couples

  • The Relationship "Probe"
  • The One-Minute Drill

Helping Troubled Couples (Cont’d)

  • The Don Baucom Technique
  • Integrating CIT with Spirituality