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The Mindful Way Through Anxiety

9.75 CE Hours Available

Acceptance Based Behavior Therapies (ABBT) integrate traditional cognitive-behavioral strategies with practices aimed at cultivating acceptance and promoting engagement in personally meaningful activities. These approaches effectively reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life for clients suffering from a wide range of clinical disorders. In this workshop, Dr. Orsillo will: Demonstrate how to formulate a case from this perspective  Present strategies aimed at increasing awareness and acceptance  Describe methods used to help clients clarify what matters to them personally and take consistent actions


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit for social workers

J&K Seminars does not provide NBCC credit for this program.

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  • The empirical basis of Acceptance-Based Behavior Therapies (ABTT)
  • Assessment strategies that identify experiential avoidance and values inaction
  • How to calculate a time-in-bed prescription
  • How to conceptualize a case from an ABBT perspective
  • How to formulate an ABBT treatment plan
  • Methods of using psycho-education to help clients change their relationship to their internal experiences (thoughts, emotions, sensations)
  • Self-monitoring strategies to enhance awareness
  • How to distinguish clear and muddy emotions
  • The use of formal and informal mindfulness
  • Methods used to help clients clarify and articulate their personally held values


An Overview of the ABBT Model

  • Why enhance current treatments for anxiety?
  • Overview of the ABBT Model
  • Empirical Support

Assessment & Case Conceptualization

  • Strategies aimed at cultivating an acceptance stance
  • Therapeutic Relationship
  • Psycho-education

Cultivating An Acceptance Stance With Formal Mindfulness

  • Overview of mindfulness
  • Introduction to formal practices

Additional Acceptance Strategies

  • Connecting formal practice to symptoms
  • Addressing stuck points
  • Informal practice
  • Diffusion strategies

Defining Personal Values

  • Values articulation
  • Psycho-education

Values Clarification & Articulation

  • Common themes in values writing
  • Sorting out values in session

Bringing It All Together

  • Willingness and making commitments
  • Termination

Case Examples

  • Common stuck points
  • Q & A?