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Neuroplasticity and Brain Regulation

John Preston Psy.D

6.0 CE Hours Available

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After this seminar, you will be able to describe

  • Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity
  • The impact of early trauma on psychological development
  • How psychology and biology can come together
  • Ways to improve brain regulation


Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity

  • Use it or lose it” - Neural networks - Neurotransmitters underlying plasticity - Cumulative risk model
  • Neuroanatomy in a nutshell
Impact of Early Trauma
  • Memory systems and encoding of emotional events
  • Threat appraisal
  • Neurobiology of unconscious processing
  • Biological basis for schemas, internalized object relations and character formation
Psychology and Biology Come Together
  • The nature of emotional suffering
  • Treatment implications: specific strategies
  • Mindfulness Meditation from a neurobiological perspective
Brain Regulation
  • The role of environmental stimuli
  • Specific strategies:
  • Sleep enhancement
  • Stabilizing the circadian rhythm
  • The role of diet and dietary supplements