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Preventing & Managing Common Ethical Predicaments

6.00 CE Hours Available

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This program addresses a range of challenging ethical and problematic clinical situations frequently encountered in mental health practice.

Key topics include:

  • Addressing complex and subtle aspects about respecting confidentiality across a range of clients, institutions, and contexts.
  • Addressing challenges that arise in the course of treatment, such as angry clients, unpaid bills, sub-optimal terminations, reporting mandates, and multiple-client therapies.
  • Working with clients who pose threats against themselves or others, clinical and risk management with suicidal clients, and what to do when the licensing board comes calling.
  • Focus on the ethical challenges posed by social media and electronically mediated service delivery, as well as problematic self-disclosure, assertions of specialty expertise, conflicting mandates, and legal entanglements.


  • Participants will be able to describe:
  • How to improve confidentiality and record keeping
  • Necessary precautions when accessing clinical materials
  • Confidentiality errors with minors or deceased clients
  • How to deal with unhappy, angry, or threatening clients
  • Strategies for providing ethical care of suicidal clients
  • How to deal with licensing board ethics investigations
  • How to establish professional social media policies


  • What do you know and who will you tell?
  • Understanding the subtleties of confidentiality
  • Required notifications and breaches
  • Discussing confidential material with colleagues
  • Insurance companies and other third party disclosures
  • When the client is a minor or deceased
  • When the subpoena arrives
  • You’re helping me, but I hate you.
    Ethical Challenges in the Course of Treatment
  • Unhappy, angry, and dangerous clients
  • The unpaid bill
  • Sub-optimal terminations
  • Reporting mandates and challenges
  • The challenge of multiple-client therapies
  • Managing Urgent Situations
  • Addressing threats to: Others, Oneself & The Therapist
  • Managing the suicidal client
  • When the licensing board (or ethics complaint) comes calling
  • Pushing Boundaries
  • The ethical perils of social media
  • Mutual Googling
  • E-therapy & assessment - Electronic & inoperable record keeping
  • Self-disclosure and self-care
  • Addressing conflicting mandates & avoiding legal forensic entanglements