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Rapid Recovery From Trauma: New High-Speed TEAM-CBT Treatment Techniques

14.00 CE Hours Available

Dr. Burns will describe how the TEAM-CBT treatment approach can be used with clients dealing with trauma. TEAM refers to Testing, Empathy, Agenda Setting & Method. Based on research on how psychotherapy actually works, it addresses many of the shortcomings in traditional CBT. TEAM-CBT offers rapid, profound, and lasting clinical change. It’s like CBT on steroids.

In this workshop you will learn practical methods you can use right away in your clinical work. Although the focus will be on the treatment of clients who have experienced severe trauma, you will find the techniques will dramatically improve your effectiveness with all your depressed and anxious clients.


J&K Seminars does not provide NBCC credit for this program.

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Participants will be able to describe:

  • The main cause of nearly all therapeutic failure
  • The four components of TEAM-CBT
  • How to track therapeutic progress at every session
  • The 5 secrets of effective communication
  • The 8 most common forms of therapeutic resistance
  • Powerful resistance-busting techniques
  • How to uncover and modify self-defeating beliefs
  • Powerful relapse prevention techniques


Intro to TEAM-CBT Applied to Trauma

  • Sources and Impact of Trauma
  • Treatment Myths
  • Ultra-High Speed Treatment - Is It Possible?
  • What is TEAM-CBT

How TEAM-CBT Basics

  • A Case of Severe Trauma: Is Single TreatmentReally Possible? Or Even Desirable

Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

  • E = Advanced Empathy Training - Live Demo.
  • The Eight Forms of Therapeutic Resistance
  • How to Overcome Each Form of Resistance

Case Study - Application of TEAM-CBT

  • Patient with Suicidal Depression, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and Severe Addiction

Demonstration of TEAM-CBT
TEAM-CBT In Action

  • Example: A Woman With A Lifetime of Abuse
  • Invitation, Magic Button, Dangling the Carrot, Positive Reframing, Magic Dial
  • Exercise: Positive Reframing

The Dark Side of Clinical Work

  • An Unexpected Client Suicide
  • Psychoanalysis at Warp Speed-How to Uncover Interpersonal Self-Defeating Beliefs
  • Compassion-Based Techniques: A Case of Terminal Cancer

TEAM-CBT Treatment Techniques

  • Externalization of Voices - Self-Defense vs. the Acceptance Paradox—Exercise: Healing Yourself
  • Classical, Cognitive, and Interpersonal Exposure
  • Memory Rescripting: Agoraphobic Student with a History of Sexual Abuse

Relapse Prevention Training that Really Works

  • Feeling Better vs. Getting Better