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Resilience Across Diagnoses and Through the Lifespan

6.50 CE Hours Available

Resilience refers to those inner strengths that facilitate recovery and help prevent relapse from stress-related conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, troubled sleep, and suicidality. Resilience also optimizes mental and physical health and performance. The strengths of resilience are both innate and capable of being enlarged.

The prepared clinician best serves clients by equipping them with skills that expand their resilience capacities. Resilience skills must be comprehensive—broad and deep enough to promote clients’ lasting healing, while preparing them to respond effectively to adversities across the lifespan.

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Participants will be able to:
·  Describe resilience, its strengths, and its important supportive role in treatment interventions
·  Identify atrategies to optimize brain health and function
·  Identify new strategies to regulate debilitating stress arousal that is stuck on too high or too low
·  identify skills to manage intense distressing emotions, memories, nightmares, and other symptoms
·  Understand principles and skills to thrive across the life span and emotionally inoculate against potentially destabilizing events


Introduction (01:27:40)
· What are the strengths of resilience?
· Why is resilience building essential?
· Can resilience change?
The Comprehensive Resilience Building Model (01:34:44)
· Optimize Brain “Hardware”
· Optimize Brain “Software”
· Spiral Upward
· Prepare Emotionally for Difficult Times
· Resilient Leadership
Resilience Building Strategies (01:53:57)
· Manage Hyper- and Hypo-Arousal
· Manage Strong Distressing Emotions
· Manage Nightmares
· 9 Keys to Optimize a Sluggish Brain
· Happiness, Thriving, & Growth
Resiliences Building Strategies (01:40:44)
· Emotional Inoculation
· Strategies for Guilt, Dissociation, Panic
· Helping Others Be Their Best
· How to Reinforce Skills Learned
· Resources for Lifelong Learning