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Shame: The Misunderstood Emotion

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Shame can positively impact development, relationships, healing work, parenting, and spirituality. Dr. Witt uses lecture, music, clinical demonstration, and experiential learning to explore shame and how it can support health and enhance psychotherapy. He examines shame from a variety of perspectives including interpersonal, neurobiology, integrally informed psychotherapy, evolutionary psychology, development, and socialization.


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers


Participants will be able to describe:

  • The central importance of shame emotions
  • Essential aspects of the neurobiology and evolutionary psychology of shame
  • Identify their personal natural healing style
  • Core features of Integral Psychology
  • How masculine and feminine aspects inform our identity, relationships, and development
  • How shame dynamics inform spiritual practice


Developmental & Social Importance of Shame

  • Neurobiology of the shame response
  • The beautiful, good, and true validity standards
  • Growth mindsets and fixed mindsets
  • Mind-map of our natural healing style
  • Potential benefits of applying shame dynamics

Shame, Intimacy and Evolution

  • Complexity theory
  • The mammalian nervous system
  • The crucial FOXP2 mutation
  • Approval and disapproval

Shame and Secure Attachment

  • Bowlby, Ainsworth, Main - Attachment Theory
  • Requirements for secure attachments
  • Shame and parenting

Developmental Lines and Levels

  • Integral Psychology and developmental lines
  • Spiral Dynamics: through different worldviews
  • Changing nature of shame dynamics with successive worldviews - applications to treatment

????Sexuality and Shame

  • Masculine & feminine aspects core sexual essence
  • Erotic polarity -
  • How shame informs psychosexual development
  • How to minimize developmental distortion and unravel tangles of sexual identity & erotic polarity conflicts

Defensive States and Shame

  • Neurotic and characterological defensive states
  • The human hierarchical response to stress
  • Development and enactment of defensive states

Shame and Spirituality

  • Ascending and descending spirituality
  • Using shame as a spiritual guide toward unity

Autobiographical Narrative & Personal Myths

  • Embracing and enhancing our personal myths
  • Shame as a guide, moderator, and regulator in our personal myths
  • ?High variability? health standards