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Smashing Social Anxiety: Shame Attacking and Beyond!

8.50 CE Hours Available

Most human beings, including the vast majority of mental health professionals, struggle with at least one of the common forms of social anxiety, including:

  • Shyness
  • Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Test Anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Shy Bladder / Bowel Syndrome

I’ve had them all, and more! That’s why I LOVE treating social anxiety. Whatever the patient has, I can say, “I know from personal experience how awful that is. And what a joy it’s going to be to show you how to defeat your fears!”

In this workshop, I will illustrate many powerful techniques to heal your social anxiety patients (and yourself). You’ll learn how to:

  • Diagnose social anxiety quickly and accurately
  • Assess session-by-session progress and track therapeutic empathy
  • Develop world class empathy skills and how to find out how your patients see you!
  • Reduce patient resistance to Interpersonal Exposure Techniques with Dangling the Carrot, the Gentle Ultimatum, and Sitting with Open Hands.
  • Identify the distorted thoughts that trigger social anxiety.
  • Smash those thoughts with powerful cognitive therapy techniques like the Downward Arrow, the What-If Technique, the Double Standard, the Cost-Benefit Analysis, the Externalization of Voices, Reattribution, the Hidden Emotion Technique, and more.
  • Pinpoint and modify the Self-Defeating Beliefs that trigger social anxiety, such as
    • The Spotlight Fallacy
    • The Brushfire Fallacy
    • The Approval Addiction
    • The Love Addiction
  • You will also learn how to use mind-blowing Interpersonal Exposure Techniques such as
    • Smile and Hello Practice
    • Talk Show Host
    • Flirting Training
    • Rejection Practice
    • Self-Disclosure
    • Survey Technique
    • Shame-Attacking Exercises
    • Feared Fantasy
    • And much more

All orders include the entire presentation with handouts and a CE test.
Streaming videos and audio downloads will be available immediately after checkout
Mailed CD and DVD formats include the printed handouts and CE test in an attractive portfolio

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Participants will be able to:

  • Assess patient progress within and between sessions
  • Track the therapeutic alliance at every session
  • Reduce the resistance that often sabotages the treatment of social anxiety
  • Individualize the treatment for every patient
  • Identify your patient’s fears


Basics of TEAM-CBT

T = Testing
E = Empathy
A = Assessment of Resistance
M = Method

Daily Mood Log Recovery
Circle Smashing
Negative Thoughts 

Interpersonal Exposure Techniques

Smile and Hello Practice
Rejection Practice
Flirting Training
Shame Attacking Exercises
Survey Technique
Feared Fantasy

Live Demonstration of TEAM-CBT for Social Anxiety