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Trauma-Informed Approach to Body Size and Emotional Eating: Best Practices to Treat Disordered Eating, Binge Eating Disorder and Body Shame

6.00 CE Hours Available

Every therapist—no matter where they practice or who they see—has heard clients express shame about their body size. Given the influence of diet culture and the traditional views of “obesity” in the mental health field, how can we make sure that our good intentions aren’t reinforcing weight-based trauma—or even contributing to it—in the clinical setting? It’s imperative that therapists learn an alternative therapeutic framework that addresses clients’ own internalized weight stigma and offers a path toward physical and psychological well-being for people of all sizes.

In this course, you’ll learn the connection between trauma and Binge Eating Disorder, and how you can help clients heal their relationship with food from a strengths-based perspective without triggering more shame. You’ll explore strategies to unlearn your own weight bias, and interventions to help clients cultivate compassion, mindfulness, critical thinking, insight, and a values-driven life so that they can make peace with food and feel more at home in their bodies.

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Participants will be able to:

  • List at least 2 negative effects of weight stigma
  • Identify at least 3 resources to unlearn weight bias
  • Explain at least 2 reasons for diet failure
  • Define the connection between trauma and Binge Eating Disorder
  • Describe the 3 steps of attuned eating
  • Identify at least 3 strategies that support weight neutral recovery from disordered eating and Binge Eating Disorder.


Sizing Up Our Attitudes

  • Traditional Views of Food and Weight in the Mental Health field
  • The Trauma Field and Weight Loss Myths
  • Understanding Diet Failure

The Impact of Weight Stigma

  • Roots of Weight Stigma
  • Physiological & Psychological
  • The Use of Language

Weight Centered Vs. Weight Neutral Strategies

  • The Story of Erica
  • Weight and Health Research
  • Cultivating Body Acceptance (visualization)

Emotional Eating, Disordered Eating and Binge Eating Disorder

  • Definitions
  • Treatment of Trauma and Binge Eating Disorder
  • The Role of Self-Compassion
  • Steps of Attuned Eating

Unlearning Diet Culture and Weight Stigma

  • Social Media
  • Developing a Weight Neutral Practice
  • Resources for Therapists and Clients