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Treating Patients with Specific Clinical Disorders: A Strengths-based Constructive Narrative Treatment Approach

10.00 CE Hours Available

This course addresses ways of implementing the core tasks of psychotherapy that “expert” therapists use to achieve better treatment outcomes. These interventions incorporate basic trans-theoretical approaches.
Dr. Meichenbaum describes how to treat a range of diverse clinical populations, including patients experiencing PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, depressive disorders, prolonged and complicated grief, suicidality, and anger control problems. He also discusses how to use several constructive narrative treatment approaches, including ways to integrate spirituality into clinical practice.
These approaches will help your patients achieve long lasting behavior changes. The course includes practical to-do tasks for you to practice and specific feedback for you to solicit from your patients to increase your level of expertise.


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Participants will be able to:
1. Explain how the core tasks of therapy can be implemented with a variety of different clinical populations
2. Describe how to use a case conceptualization model that informs assessment and treatment decisions.
3. List considerations when treating patients with co-occurring disorders
4. List considerations when treating patients with anxiety and depressive disorders, complicated grief, or anger control issues.
5. Describe ways to create safety for suicidal patients
6. Describe ways to conduct various constructive narrative treatment approaches
7. Explain ways to integrate spirituality and psychotherapy


Agenda - 10 1-hour modules
1. The development of a Constructive Narrative Perspective of Psychotherapy: Further Examples of HYPE in Trauma Therapy
2. Treatment of Individuals with Anxiety and Depression
3. Treatment of Individuals with PTSD
4. Treatment of individuals with Prolong and Complicated Grief and Traumatic Bereavement
5. Treatment of Individuals with Substance Abuse Disorders
6. Treatment of Suicidal Patients
7. Treatment of Patients with Co-occurring Disorders
8. Treatment of Patients with Anger-control Problems and Aggressive Behaviors
9. Integration of Spirituality and Psychotherapy in Clinical Practice
10. Ways to Bolster Resilience, Post Traumatic Growth and Self-evaluation of Your Level of Clinical Expertise