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Using Diagnoses to Improve Treatment

Robert Gordon, Ph.D., ABPP

6.0 CE Hours Available

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Dr. Gordon will describe how to use diagnostic taxonomy to help participants do better psychotherapy. He will explain how taxonomy can help therapists better conceptualize client personality and character organization.


Participants will be able to describe:

  • How the DSM5 affects treatment
  • How the ICD 10 affects treatment
  • How the PDM affects treatment
  • How to tailor treatment to personality structure and character



Using the DSM 5, ICD 10 and PDM for Diagnosis

A New Look at Taxonomy from Structure to Symptoms

  • Comparing the DSM, ICD, & PDM for Diagnosis
  • Stamping out small fires or getting to the disorder

Personality Structures

  • Psychotic, Borderline, Neurotic

Personality Patterns & Disorders

  • The narcissism of 400 psychological brands or how to just do good psychotherapy