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Without Conscience: Understanding and Assessing Psychopaths

12.0 CE Hours Available

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Psychopathy is a personality disorder defined by a cluster of interpersonal, affective, lifestyle, and antisocial characteristics, including egocentricity, grandiosity, deceptiveness, impulsivity, shallow emotions, lack of empathy and remorse, irresponsibility, and the ready violation of social and legal norms. Among the most extreme features of the disorder are a callous disregard for the rights of others and a propensity for predatory behavior and violence.


Vintage courses do not offer ASWB ACE credit to social workers


This two-day workshop provides an overview of:

  • current theory and research on psychopathy
  • its etiology and nature
  • its measurement with clinical, forensic, and non-forensic populations
  • its implications for the mental health and criminal justice systems and for society in general.



Description of Psychopathy

  • Historical overview
  • Clinical descriptions


  • Nature/nurture
  • Behavioral genetics
  • Clues from cognitive/affective neuroscience


  • The PCL-R, PCL-SV, and PCL-YV
  • Nonclinical instruments
  • The P-Scan & B-Scan 360
  • Self-report inventories

Psychopathy and Crime

  • Predatory behavior and violence
  • Role in assessment of risk for crime and violence
  • Creative uses of self-disclosure
  • Ethical practices

Cognitive/Affective Models of Psychopathy

  • Attention, information processing, response modulation

Brain imaging, psychophysiology

Guidelines for Psychopathy Treatment Programs

Psychopathy in Society

  • Prevalence and manifestations
  • The corporate world