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Loss of Another, Loss of the Self: A Clinical Toolbox for Reconstructing Identity in Grief

12 CE Hours

November 14, 2024 to November 15, 2024

Other seminar info: 

12 CE Hours

10:00 am - 5:15 pm EST

Live Interactive Webinar

Seminar Description

Grieving entails not only acknowledging the significance of a valued past, but also embracing an indefinite future. Grief therapy therefore requires a framework that validates both movements, and that integrates them into an ongoing process of self-reconstruction, as we review a potentially traumatic experience of loss, reorganize our attachment to the deceased, and struggle with frequently anguishing questions of who we now are in their absence.  This 2-day webinar will first consider how to assess client needs in terms of the Tripartite Model of Meaning Reconstruction in Loss, conceptualizing obstacles to processing the event story of the death, securing the back story of the relationship with the deceased, and revising the personal story of the mourner’s own sense of identity in the shadow of bereavement.

Illustrating these themes through video recordings of clients dealing with sudden natural death as well as the violent death of loved ones to suicide or overdose, we will then introduce and practice a range of creative clinical procedures to help clients reconstruct their lives as they grow through grief.  Participants should leave with a well-stocked toolbox of techniques for facilitating self-change arising from unwelcome life transitions.



Participants will be able to:

 · Describe the Sudden Bereavement Needs Inventory and its implications for grief therapy

· Summarize the Tripartite Model of Meaning Reconstruction in Loss and its use in identifying targets of intervention

· Use the Self-Portrait technique to help clients examine the grieving self

· Implement Chapters of Our Lives to process life losses and transitions

· Apply Virtual Dream Stories to safely explore difficult themes of loss and self-change

· Conduct a Future Self Interview to foster self-compassion balanced with self-reconstruction


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Days Price Quantity
Webinar $275.00


Thursday, November 14

10:00 am  Tragic Bereavement as a Crisis of Meaning

· Assessing clients’ needs through the Sudden Bereavement Needs Inventory (SBNI)

· The Tripartite Model of Meaning Reconstruction as a roadmap for intervention

10:30 am Break

11:45 am Trauma and Transition

· Case illustration:  A sudden illness

· Case Illustration:  Suicide of a partner

1:15 pm Lunch

2:00 pm The Wheel of Change

· Attachment and the Transition Cycle

· The Who am I Now? technique

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm In the Looking Glass:  Reflecting on the Self

· Case Illustration:  A piercing grief

· A Self-Portrait of grief

5:15 pm Adjournment

Friday, November 15

10:00 am  Our Stories, Ourselves

· The Chapters of Our Lives exercise

· Interviewing the Author

11:30 am  Break

11:45 am Imaginative Retelling

· Virtual Dream Stories

· Variations and Extensions

1:15 pm  Lunch

2:00 pm   Envisioning Change

· The Dialogical Self

· The Future Self Interview

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Lessons of Loss

· The Grief & Meaning Reconstruction Inventory (GMRI)

· Case Illustration:  Posttraumatic growth

5:15 pm Adjournment