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Mandated Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting 2022

In-Person Seminar/Webinar - 3- hour Morning Session

October 28, 2022

Assessing and Managing Suicidality: Therapist Responsibilities

In-Person or Webinar - 1-hour Lunch

October 28, 2022

Our Ethical Mandate for Self-Care

In-Person or Webinar - 3-hour Afternoon Session

October 28, 2022

Other seminar info: 

7 CE Hours Full Day or
4 CE Hours Morning/Lunch Only or Lunch/Afternoon Only
Lunch (Suicide Program) Only Not Available

Seminar Description


This training fulfills the requirements for mental health professionals to obtain 2-3 hours of PA Dept. of Human Services (DHS) and professional board-approved Continuing Education on current Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting. Professionals will learn the role and responsibilities of Mandated Reporters to include time frames.


Identification of individuals at risk for death by suicide is a difficult task. This training will focus on the responsibilities of therapists to both assess and manage suicidality. Dr. Knauss will discuss interviewing techniques and assessment measures. 


Self-care is a personal challenge and a professional mandate that every therapist must confront.  Self-care is seldom taught in graduate school and too seldom discussed by professionals.  There are many ways to promote self-care.  This workshop will address self-care as an ethical imperative, the paradox of self-care, barriers to self-care, and research-informed methods of therapist self-care.  Participants are invited to discuss their own self-care struggles and strategies as well as ethical dilemmas they have encountered.





Participants will be able to describe:

· Differences between Child Protective Services and General Protective Services

· Relevant definitions including: child, perpetrator, acts or failures to act, categories of child abuse, and exclusions to child abuse

· Provisions and responsibilities for reporting suspected child abuse

· Indicators for the recognition of child abuse


Participants will be able to:

· Describe factors that are helpful in evaluating and assessing the risk of suicide.

· Identify clinical, ethical, and legal issues involved with clients who threaten to harm themselves.

· Identify the importance of training and consultation with colleagues around these issues.


Participants will be able to:

· Define self-care.

· Identify the connection between effective self-care and ethical obligations, competence, and clinical effectiveness.

· Describe three (3) healthy escapes.


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Afternoon In-Person or Webinar $90.00
All Day In-Person or Webinar $165.00
Morning In-Person or Webinar $90.00