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Strategies for Identifying and Managing the Antisocial Personality Spectrum

6 CE Hours LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR 9 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. EST

February 21, 2025

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6 CE Hours  9 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. EST



Seminar Description

This webinar offers a comprehensive exploration of personality disorders, focusing particularly on the antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) spectrum, including sociopathy and psychopathy. It delves into levels of personality functioning, diagnostic criteria, and the structural components of personality disorders. Participants will gain insights into the epidemiology of ASPD and its associated disorders, such as oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. This webinar examines the neurobiological and psychosocial factors contributing to ASPD, as well as clinical features, differential diagnosis, and comorbid conditions. It also addresses distinguishing sociopathy from ASPD and psychopathy, discussing historical contexts, sociobiology, clinical presentations, and prevalence rates.

Dr Fox explores challenges in managing ASPD spectrum clients, including therapeutic approaches, addressing antisocial perspectives, recognizing and managing suicidal behaviors, handling violence and threats in therapy sessions, and ensuring mental health provider safety. Through a multidimensional approach that considers both clinical and community perspectives, this webinar aims to enhance participants' ability to effectively assess, intervene, and mitigate risks associated with ASPD spectrum clients, ultimately improving outcomes and promoting therapist safety and well-being.



Participants will be able to:
· Exhibit a marked increase in understanding the diagnostic criteria and clinical features of ASPD spectrum disorders.
· Acquire proficiency in diagnosing ASPD spectrum disorders and implementing safety protocols effectively.
· Enhance their capacity to evaluate the risk of violence in ASPD spectrum clients.
· Formulate efficacious strategies for effectively managing ASPD spectrum clients in various therapeutic settings.
· Identify and apply requisite safety measures to address in-session violence and threats.
· Demonstrate enhanced proficiency in assessing engagement with ASPD spectrum clients and executing appropriate management strategies.

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Webinar $165.00


9:00am The Evolving Landscape of Personality Disorders
· Levels of personality functioning
· Making a PD diagnosis
· The structure of personality disorders
· Medication for antisocial spectrum disorders
10:30am    BREAK
10:45am The Antisocial Personality Disorder Spectrum Overview
· Oppositional Defiant Disorder
· Conduct Disorder
· Antisocial Personality Disorder
· Sociopathy
· Psychopathy
12:15pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Antisocial Personality Disorder
· Epidemiology of ASPD
· Homicidal triad truth
· Etiology and risk factors
· Neurobiological correlates of ASPD
· Psychosocial factors contributing to ASPD
· Clinical features and presentation
· Differential diagnosis and comorbid conditions
· Distinguishing Sociopathy from ASPD
· The sociobiology of sociopathy
· Clinical features and presentation
· Distinguishing sociopathy and ASPD from psychopathy
· Prevalence and assessment measures
· Neurology of psychopathy
· Gender and psychopathy
· Adolescent conduct disorder and interpersonal callousness
· Psychopathy and crime
· Managing psychopathy in various environments
2:30pm Break
2:45pm Challenges in Treating Managing ASPD Spectrum Clients
· Exploring antisocial profiles in therapy
· Is prison the only answer?
· Antisocial perspective of therapy
· Antisocial motivation and thinking
· Can they collaborate?
· Recognizing and addressing suicidal behavior
· Indicators of client aggression prior to violence
· Therapist safety procedures
Managing mental health provider risks
Prognosis and long-term outcomes
4:15pm Program Ends