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Therapeutic Response to Traumatic Loss in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Short- and Long-Term Challenges

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August 18, 2020 to August 19, 2020

Other seminar info: 

6 CE Hours Credit

This Webinar will identify the issues of trauma and loss that visit persons in the pandemic.
The first afternoon will explicate trauma and loss issues and how they influence each other and have played out in the pandemic to create mental health distress and dysfunction. The second afternoon will delineate a set of 12 effective strategies for coping with unique issues generated by COVID-19 trauma and loss. Dr. Rando will focus on one’s work as a professional, as well as on personal self-care.

Objectives - Participants will be able to describe:
1. associations between trauma and loss (death and non-death) in the COVID-19 pandemic
2. non-death losses found in the COVID-19 pandemic
3. how trauma and loss influence one another and how that impacts the individual
4. high-risk factors for complicated mourning and failure in adaptation routinely encountered in the pandemic
5. how mourning the death of a loved one under current COVID-19 conditions presents short- and long-term challenges
6. effective strategies for coping with COVID-19 trauma and loss