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Vintage Programs

These vintage programs are older programs offered at a discount.

Model Title CE Credits Speaker LEARN MORE
P1005 Psychopharmacology for Children and Adults 12 John Preston Psy.D learn more
A0504 Step-by-Step Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety 12 Martin Antony, Ph.D. learn more
T0605 Burn Out Prevention: Ethical and Risk Management Issues for Clinicians 12 David Treadway, Ph.D. learn more
H0705 Without Conscience: Understanding and Assessing Psychopaths 12 Robert Hare, Ph.D. learn more
M0406 Treating Traumatized Adults and Children: A Lifespan Approach 12 Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D learn more
Y0606 Strategic Therapy for Comorbid Anxiety and Depression 12 Michael Yapko Ph.D learn more
F0406 Childhood Bipolar Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment 12 Mary Fristad, Ph.D. learn more
F0806 Clinical Supervision and Boundaries: Ethical Issues in Practice 12 Marijane Fall, Ed.D., LCPC, ACS learn more
N0906 Grief Therapy: A Meaning Reconstruction Approach 12 Robert Neimeyer, Ph.D. learn more
L1006 Anorexia and Cutting: Understanding and Treating Self-Harm 12 Steven Levenkron, M.S. learn more
L1006AN Anorexia: Understanding and Treating Self-Harm 6 Steven Levenkron, M.S. learn more
L1006CU Cutting: Understanding and Treating Self-Harm 6 Steven Levenkron, M.S. learn more
J0607 Emotionally Focused Therapy: Love as an Attachment Bond 12 Sue Johnson, Ed.D. learn more
H0707 Positive Ethics with the Most Difficult Clients 6 Mitchell M. Handelsman, Ph.D. learn more
F0907 Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Personality Disorders and Other Challenging Conditions: Fundamental & Advanced Considerations 12 Arthur Freeman learn more
O1007 Positive Psychology: Therapeutic Applications for Adults & Adolescents 11 Bill O'Hanlon learn more
F1107 The Worried Child: Diagnosing and Treating Anxious Children 12 Paul Foxman, Ph.D. learn more
S0508 Returning From War: Providing Mental Health Services to Military Personnel & Their Families 12 Raymond M. Scurfield, DSW & COL Kathy Platoni, Psy.D. learn more
K0708 Ethics Update for Experienced Therapists 6 Gerald Koocher, Ph.D. learn more
P0808 Psychopharmacology Update For Experienced Therapists 6 John Preston Psy.D learn more